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Join the legal action to assert our legal rights!

VIPKID registered as a Hong Kong corporation for the tax shelters available to Hong Kong corporations. VIPKID is registered with the Hong Kong corporate registry office as VIPKID HK Ltd. That name is the signature stamp on teacher contracts. VIPKID is registered with the Hong Kong corporate registry office as Hong Kong corporation # 2117782. Previous teaching contracts are governed by the very liberal and fundamentally British style of labor laws of Hong Kong. Current contracts may be brought directly to the law enforcement authorities and agencies of Hong Kong.  Our legal counsel has determined that, in their opinion, all VIPKID teacher contracts are illegal. In the upcoming legal action, teachers will be asserting our legal rights to justice under the very liberal labor laws of Hong Kong and the other jurisdictions.

Free Legal Representation.

VIPKID Teacher Services offers free legal representation to union members for the upcoming action against VIPKID because teachers have been and are being victimized by VIPKID contracts and labor practices.

       The labor law case.

Our legal counsel has advised us that, in their opinion, teachers have been wrongfully designated as independent contractors which is a violation of the labor laws of Hong Kong and the IRS, Revenue Canada, and the labor laws of the 50 United States.

      Paid Paternity leave?

The labor laws of Hong Kong require paid paternity leave as well as all of the other more common types of paid leave.  The laws of the IRS, Revenue Canada, and the 50 United States each have their own protections for employees.
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