VIPKID Teachers Union

Bylaws of the VIPKID Teachers Union

Adopted on April 3, 2017. 1. Objectives. a. Ensure the full and effective participation of all members. b. Promote and protect the rights and welfare of its members. c. Arrive at a collective bargaining agreement with VIPKID HK Ltd, hereinafter VIPKID. d. Protect and support its members in disputes with VIPKID. 2. Membership. a. There shall be two categories of membership: Active and Inactive. b. Active membership shall be open to any person who is currently under contract with VIPKID. Inactive membership shall be open to any person who was under contract with VIPKID in the past. c. Membership is limited to persons who support the principles, goals and objectives of the union. d. All members have voting rights and the ability to hold elective or appointed positions within the union. e. Only Active members may vote on the collective bargaining agreement.  f. All members shall be eligible to receive all services, assistance in the protection of professional and civil rights and reports and publications of the union. g. Membership shall be continuous unless terminated for sufficient cause by the board. h. There shall be no membership dues as fixed costs of the union shall be minimal and the union is supported by donations. i. All aspects of membership information shall be strictly confidential. No membership information of any kind may be disclosed in the absence of a court order from a court of competent jurisdiction. Membership data shall not be stored online.  3. Organizational Structure. a. The board of directors shall consist of nine individuals; a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and five members at large. b. Union organizers shall install the founding board by consensus arrived to at a caucus meeting. c. VIPKID Teacher Services is designated as the business affiliate of the union with the responsibilities of all fundraising, litigation, legal services and other business matters. d. The board of directors shall conduct an audit of VIPKID Teacher Services every year.   4. Committees. a. Standing committees may be established and discontinued by the board of directors. b. Each committee chairperson shall submit periodic reports to the board. c. Appointments shall be made on the basis of individual expertise and ability to make a contribution in the specific areas of concern. d. Candidates for committees may be self-nominated or nominated by a fellow member. e. Special committees may be established by the Board of Directors for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task within a limited period of time. f. The absence of a member from two consecutive meetings shall constitute their resignation. 5. Meetings. a. All meetings are held online.  b. All members shall receive a minimum of 7 days’ notice of the meeting time and platform. The board of directors shall designate a platform that is reasonably accessible to all members. 6. The President. The president shall: a. Be the chief executive officer of the union and its policy leader. b. Represent the union as spokesperson on matters of policy or assign, at the president’s discretion, responsibility for such representation. c. Prepare the agenda for the annual meeting of the board of directors. d. Appoint all chairpersons of committees. e. Prepare the budget with assistance from the treasurer and the budget committee. f. Review union policies and recommend policy to the board of directors. g. Administer the budget of the union. h. Perform the duties as stipulated in these bylaws and such other duties as are customarily assumed by the chief executive officer of an a labor union. 7. The Vice- President. The vice-president shall: a. Act for the president when the president is unable to perform the duties of the office; b. Advise and assist the president in preparing the budget; c. Become president should the office of the presidency become vacant. d. Perform other duties as directed by the president. 8. The treasurer. The treasurer shall: a. Annually audit all funds received by and expended by the union and publish that audit. b. Serve as chairperson of the budget committee. c. Compose the annual financial report.  d. Perform other duties as instructed by the president. 9. The secretary. The secretary shall: a. Create records of all meetings and for distributing the minutes of all such meetings. b. Receive requests from members to have an item placed on the agenda for a board of directors meeting. c. Perform such other duties as instructed by the president. 10. Selection of directors. a. A majority vote of those voting shall be necessary to elect a director. Members of the board of directors shall be elected by open ballot for each individual office at the annual, general meeting to be held in February on a date designated by the president. b. Nominations of directors shall be open. c. Directors shall serve for one fiscal year, being elected in February and commencing service on March 1. d. Vacancies arising in the office of directorship shall be filled by appointment by the president. 11. Functions of the board of directors. a. Shall create and implement policy. b. Shall determine the date, time, and platform that the annual meeting is held on. c. Shall take action to help ensure ethnic-minority representation on all committees. d. May establish affiliations with other organizations including but the major labor unions of Hong Kong.  e. Shall receive all reports of the president, secretary and treasurer. f. Shall propose an annual budget to the business affiliate, VIPKID Teachers Services for approval and funding. g. These bylaws may be amended by the consensus of the board. h. The organization may be dissolved by unanimous vote of the board with all members present at the annual meeting. 12. Meetings of the board of directors. a. The board of directors shall meet six times per year and at other times necessary to conduct the business of the union. b. One meeting shall be held in February in connection with the annual meeting. c. The president shall determine the time, date and platform of all board of director meetings. d. The Board shall enact rules and procedures to govern the conduct of its meetings. 13. Finance a. The budget shall be designed to achieve the goals and objectives of the union. b. The president, with the secretary and treasurer, and the budget committee shall prepare the proposed budget for presentation to the board of directors at least forty-five days prior to the annual meeting. After approving the budget, the board of directors shall direct its publication. The budget shall then be transmitted not later than thirty days prior to the annual meeting to VIPKID Teacher Services for their approval and funding. c. The fiscal year shall be from March 1 to the last day of February. d. The treasurer shall prepare an annual report of the budget including income and expenditures for the fiscal year which shall be submitted to the board of directors for approval and then, once approved the annual financial report shall be distributed to all members.
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