VIPKID Teachers Union

Membership is open to all current teachers and former teachers.

Welcome to the VIPKID Teachers Union.  We invite you to join your union brothers and sisters here as we organize for a fair and legal contract and fair and legal treatment at work. Membership is also open to all office and support staff.

Membership is free of charge.

The VIPKID Teachers Union is an all volunteer organization supported by donations.  Our operating costs are low because we conduct virtually all of our business online. We are decentralized and exist in cyberspace with no offices a no paid staff.  Please donate to our cause.

Your membership and participation is kept strictly confidential. 

Your privacy and the protection of your identity is our highest priority. No records are stored on this server as no records are stored online at all. 

VIPKID Teachers Services is the business division of the labor union.

VIPKID Teachers Services handles all of the business aspects of the labor union like fundraising, expenditures, and litigation.  VIPKID Teachers Services has contracted with several attorneys and solicitors to represent VIPKID Teachers Union members in our upcoming legal action against VIPKID for their contracts labor practices.


Free Legal Representation!

Free legal representation is now available for VIPKID Teachers Union members in our upcoming legal action against VIPKID for their teaching contracts and labor policies. It does not matter which contract you worked under or how long ago you were at VIPKID.  Our attorneys have advised us that, in their opinion, all VIPKID contracts are illegal and that you as a former or current teacher are entitled to be awarded a court judgment for being victimized by these VIPKID teacher contracts and labor practices of VIPKID.    Visit the legal action page for more information.
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